Getting Started

Based on feedback from buyers the two main issues they experience are:

  1. Freelancers who have not completed their profiles – please add your skills, services and portfolio so buyers can see your work and experience before buying from you;
  2. Freelancers who attempt to take the transaction off our platform and deal directly – doing so will result in immediate removal of your account, please note that contact details are not permitted anywhere on your profile, service listings or in any messages you send, unless it is vital to the project.

This is a very quick introduction to those joining Kodie, either as a buyer or as a freelancer. Signing up is very easy, it takes just a few minutes. If you have any questions or experience any problems please get in touch here.

How Does Kodie Work?

There are two main parts to the Kodie platform:

    Here you can search for a project that interests you and then send an offer to the buyer. This is still a fairly new feature and we will be adding more projects so keep checking back for new arrivals.
    If you are a freelancer looking to find more clients and attract recruiters, this is where you will list your services and rates so buyers can find them; once they have found you, they will contact you to agree terms before buying from you. This is different from other platforms where you bid for work, we feel it’s a more natural way to engage with clients. Add your services here.


  1. Go to the registration form
  2. Select the correct Membership Type as follows:
    1. Freelancer (if you are an individual)
    2. Agency (if you are a team of more than one person)
    3. Recruiter (if you are a recruitment company)
    4. Client (if you are a buyer)
  3. Complete as many of the fields as you’re able to, including all of the required fields. The Description field is for information about yourself that you want to appear on your public profile for clients and recruiters to see. You can complete this later if you prefer.
  4. Once you have clicked on the ‘Complete Sign Up’ button, your registration is complete and you will be automatically logged in and directed to your profile
  5. You can now complete your profile. Next time you return to the site, you can log in using your email address and password.

IMPORTANT! Listing Services

Now comes the exciting part – making some money! Your services are a way for you to market your skills. A service can be something general such as ‘WordPress Development’, or something more specific such as ‘Move your WordPress site to a new server.’ When selecting your pricing, this can be set with or without units, for example a one-off price of $79 with no units would be a single purchase for a single task, whereas something like ‘Web Development’ may be charged per hour and then purchased in multiple quantities. So, let’s get your first service set up:

  1. Go to the Add Service form.
  2. Complete as many details and as much information as you can, including all of the required fields.
  3. Add a good quality image to represent your service – we recommend a size of 900 x 600px. Use something with visual impact and do not include text in your image.
  4. Set your pricing, using units if required (as outlined in the intro above) – NOTE that prices are in USD ($)
  5. Select one category – if you don’t see the category you need, just get in touch and we’ll create it for you. If you have services that relate to more than one category you will need to create a listing for each of those categories.
  6. Once you’ve listed your services you can view, edit and remove them by going to My Kodie > Services
  7. You can save your service listing as a Draft while you’re working on it, once you’re done hit Publish and within a few moments it will be live on the platform.
  8. Please do not include contact details or external links in your service listings, all listings are reviewed by our team and these will be removed.

Completing Your Profile

  1. Once you have logged in you can use the My Kodie menu in the top right corner to manage your account.
  2. Click on View/Edit Profile to view your profile, then click the Edit tab to edit it.
  3. You will see tabs for each of your profile sections (e.g. Member Details, Skills, etc.) – be sure to save your changes before switching tabs.
  4. One thing to be aware of is the Location tab – you must add a location here or you will not be visible on the Expert Finder and clients / recruiters will not be able to find you. It is recommended to use your town or city name only as this is visible to other members. Do not enter your full address.
  5. When uploading a new profile photo or avatar the recommended minimum size is 160 x 160px – if you have an image you have used for your Facebook or Twitter profile that should do.
  6. For cover images we recommend a minimum size of 1900 x 270px. Larger images tend to scale down better than smaller image scale up.
  7. Please do not include contact details or external links in your profile, all profiles are reviewed by our team and these will be removed.
  8. Click on the Portfolio tab and here you can add some images to showcase your work, make sure you edit each image and add a suitable title otherwise just the filename will be displayed.

New Features

We’ve launched a new, improved My Account section, where you can now view your Sales Dashboard and manage all of your buying and selling options in one place.
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