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I am mostly inspired by traditional painting since that was my major in University. That is why most of my illustrations have a traditional feel to them. I like to get involved with all the projects, they are as dear to me as they are to you. My goal is to turn your ideas into reality. They say “A picture is worth a Thousand Words.” No project is too big or small for me. I would very much like to expand my experience and skills.



“I LOVE it!! Great communication and a great picture of Jasper! Thank you!”

“This is my second set of caricatures. Again I am delighted with the results. Andreea has the ability to catch a likeness, and fun of it but not at all in a cruel way. Excellent work, And great value.”

“Wow! Talk about amazing value! Andreea is a talented caricature artist. I asked for one version and Andreea sent 6 with the different color background – all suiting my web site colors. Fantastic job. Highly recommended. I’m now looking to her for a second gig.”


What I am good at :

Illustration and digital illustration · character concept and design · digital painting · vector illustration.


Cartoon style drawing, drawing, sketch, caricatures, line art, 2d drawing, realistic drawing portrait, cute animal drawing, stylized illustration, book illustration, e-book illustration, pattern design.


I work in:


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Corel Painter


Paint Tool Sai




-5 years of Fine Arts Studies – Master and Bachelor’s Degree in Painting

-3 Years working as a freelancer on 2 other platforms

-I am fluent in English as I have studied it in school and have used it very often in my line of work.