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We established the Vigor Business Center with a core intention to help newbie entrepreneurs with Business setup in Dubai. Business set up undergoes loads of complicated, intimidating process and hindrance that are indeed time-consuming and agitating. Considering that ground, we understand the need for an expert consultation provider to ease your path with the right support and guidance.

Being the best Business Consultant in Dubai, we always think and provide the best possible solution for our clients! At Vigor Business Center, we offer a wide range of business set up services to all Offshore Companies in UAE.

Our passionate team of professional business consultants, legal advisors, expert PR officers and financial advisors made us eligible to deliver outstanding and legitimate business solutions to our clients. Hence, we could support aspiring entrepreneurs across the UAE to build better business effectively and successfully.

Here, at Vigor Business Center, we ensure that they get maximum benefits from our side with 100% satisfactory results.


Business Setup

Starting a company in Dubai is easy, time-saving & Hassle Free Process with our Expert Business Consultants at Vigor Business Setup & Company formation Team. We will assist you in forming a company on the mainland, overseas, or in a Free Zone. When it comes to company creation within UAE, Vigor Business Setup Consultants have an established track record of offering professional advice. Our highly trained Business Set Up agents provide assistance with company formation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras al Khamiah, & Fujairah cities. We provide full business setup services for all a new business needs in the UAE along with posh office spaces at affordable rents and instalments plans.

Company formation

Our company consultants gives you a comprehensive model with our team playing the primary role with more duties, based on their many years of professional experience. We strive to provide our clients with the most objective professional assistance, practices, schedules, and full cost transparency. Our team is also experienced in establishing a new company with extensive setup and infrastructure support. We specialize in all aspects of company formation, including onshore, offshore, and free zone companies. Our team also believes in providing all of the company’s paperwork as well as the resources needed to support and enhance the trade license application.

Office spaces

Vigor business setup prides itself with the biggest & posh business centre in the UAE which is conveniently located in the heart of Dubai, UAE. Business Bay is the global commercial area in the Middle East which connects all business and companies from Europe, South East Asia, Far East and America. Our offices can be used as executive office, virtual office, private office, shared office, flexi desk, serviced office and coworking spaces. We have plethora of resources available at your disposal such as recreational area, coffee/tea areas, balcony overlooking skyline , 4 meeting rooms and much more. Vigor Business Centre provides luxury office facilities and bespoke business services to help start-ups, SME’s, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and corporates thrive in today’s competitive, prosperous and dynamic local and global economy.

PRO services

Our in-house team of well-connected PRO within the government can help expedite your residency in the UAE by adopting the quickest ways to get a UAE residence visa. UAE pro services was especially created within Vigor business centers to resolve all issues with our affiliated systems connected to UAE goverments such as Tasheel, Amer, Dubai Economy, and other reputed esteemed departments. We have also created sub-categories such as PRO service in Dubai, PRO service in Abu Dhabi, PRO service in Sharjah and so on for every city so that specialized business agents are well-versed with laws and regulations of each city in the UAE. Our corporate PRO services specializes in processing employment visas, tourist visas, business visas, renewal or cancellation of visas, or getting your partner or spouse, family UAE residence visa in no time with strong UAE immigration systems. PRO services Dubai helps you save time, Save money and getting you a hassle free process because of the transparency we follow with our clients.

Dubai Licensing

Getting a business license is one of the most important steps to take while setting up a company and Vigor Business Setup and Company Formation services is here to make the process hassle-free for you. To be able to set up an onshore company in Dubai and run it successfully, you are compulsorily required to have a Dubai corporate license. The Dubai business license certifies the legal status of a company. It is issued to companies to provide imperatives for their conduct and operations. It also validates the company’s legal structure and legally identifies your company.

Obtaining a Dubai corporate license helps you to run your company per the regulatory laws of Dubai. It helps you avoid auditing yearly. Once you have the Dubai trade license, you are not obligated to submit an annual audit report.

The Dubai trade license is issued by The Department of Economic Development which is a government body responsible for the supervision, support, and functionality of economic development. The DED will issue any one of many licenses depending on your company’s operations. However, it is important to know that the Department of Economic Development registers and issues licenses to only mainland companies. Free zone companies are issued licenses by private bodies.

Product Registration In Dubai

Why Is Product Registration Compulsory In Dubai?
Product registration prevents the trading of substandard, harmful, and adulterated goods.
Product registration ensures hassle-free trade of your product in Dubai.
Registering a product provides protection to the company trading it.
Product registration provides assurance of the consumer’s safety.
Product registration gives import and re-export rights to the manufacturer.
Registering a product helps to maintain the quality of the product.
Registering a product makes product inspection, and random testing easy.
Products are mandated to be registered by any of the regulatory bodies prior to their distribution, launch, and trade in Dubai.

Visa Services In Dubai

A UAE visa is an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave or stay for a stipulated period in UAE. It is an entry approval granted to a person under the UAE’s requirements and conditions allowing the person to visit, remain or leave after some time.

Pro Services

A Public Relations Officer (PRO) takes care of documentation and clearing services. They handle all the legalities required for company formation ensuring that your company runs smoothly.

Company formation in UAE requires several procedures, formalities, documentation, and approvals. This makes public relations services crucial to any business setup. A public relations officer (PRO) performs all activities relating to the processing of official documents, paperwork, legal papers and other documents.

Getting a PRO service as a company owner in Dubai is one of the best decisions you can make. A PRO guides your company formation process making sure that your needs and goals are met.

Company Liquidation In Dubai

Company liquidation in UAE also known as the winding up of a UAE company is the process of a Dubai, UAE company coming to an end. The company will cease to exist and all operations of the company will be closed and cancelled.

If a Limited Liability Company (LLC), its branch, a free zone company, an offshore company, or a sole proprietorship firm quit its operations, a Dubai, UAE company to an end, the company will cease to exist and all operations of the company will be closed and canceled. If a limited liability company (LLC), its branch, a free zone company, an offshore company or a sole proprietorship firm quit its operations, the trade licence of the company will be revoked and the company’s assets must be shared among its shareholders.

Bank Account Opening Assistance

Companies and businesses in Dubai at some point make efforts to open a corporate bank account in Dubai, UAE. Individuals may also choose to open bank accounts in Dubai to enable them to secure their monetary assets. In the United Arab Emirates, there are many local and international banking institutions. This gives a person seeking to open a bank account in Dubai the opportunity to choose the bank that works best for them.

The processes and procedures of opening a Dubai bank account for corporate and business operations differ from one bank to another bank. To open a bank account in Dubai, one needs to put in a lot of work and time to complete all requirements of the application to open a bank account in Dubai.

Accounting & Auditing Services In Dubai

Accounting and auditing in Dubai, UAE is crucial to making strategic decisions for any company, be it a startup or an established company.

Accounting is the process of recording all of a company’s finances. An accountant keeps and inspects the company’s financial records, offers suggestions and recommendations based on the company’s financial situation, and offers guidance to the company to help them make reasonable financial decisions.

On the other hand, auditing is the process of evaluating and ascertaining a company’s financial, operating, and business goals.
An auditor ensures that the running of the company complies with the company’s principles and conforms with institutional and regulatory requirements.

An audit denotes the evaluation of the financial matters of a company or business establishment. An audit ensures accurate financial statements of the company. These financial statements must denote the monetary transactions of the company. An auditor examines accounts and accounting records, compares the charges with the vouchers, and verifies balance sheets before clearly stating the results.

The process of auditing can either be successfully done internally by the employees of the company (internal auditing) or externally by an officially recognized external agency (external auditing). Getting professional and expert accounting and auditing services opens the company to professional services, important information of all the regulatory laws, standards, and requirements of company formation in Dubai, UAE. Vigor Business Setup and Company formation Services accounting and auditing services are here to help your company with that.

Investment & Venture Capital In Dubai

Dubai is considered a feasible and profitable location for people looking to invest. The market in the UAE has a lot of potential and numerous business opportunities for investors looking to invest in companies. This includes foreign investors. The diverse and ever-changing economy has led to an increase in the number of foreigners. It is home to foreigners from almost 200 different countries. About 90% of the total population in the UAE comprises foreigners.

It is important to understand the best investment plans to enable one to choose the best investment plan in the UAE. Investors are advised to choose investments that have an inverse relationship with each other to minimize the risks associated with a collection of investments. Vigor investments service can assist you with doing this successfully.

UAE Tax Residency Certificate

Contact our business setup and company formation experts at Vigor Business Solutions to find out more about it and how we can help you in obtaining this certificate.

UAE VAT Value Added Tax

Between 2012 and 2014, the UAE economy showed a growth rate of 5.4%, making it one of the highest growing economies in the Middle East and North Africa region. Since then, the UAE has continued to expand at a rate of around 3% per year. The introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT), effective 1 January 2018, is expected to positively impact consumer demand over the short and medium term. The VAT in Dubai and the UAE is a simple tax that can be paid to clients or invoiced separately. The standard VAT rate is 5%. However, there are also reduced rates and exemptions for certain products and services. Some of these reduced rates are zero, 2%, and 5% for purchases such as food, education services, books and packaging materials. UAE has managed to keep the VAT at the lowest levels possible in international standards.