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I am a web developer and a graphic artist and I’m always working to be the best that I can be. It’s my life, it’s who I am. Creative and dependable WordPress developer with 5+ years’ experience in building rich and interactive websites. Comprehensive understanding of WordPress core software, database connectivity and its functions. Hands on experience in creating, extensing and customizing WordPress themes and plugins. In depth knowledge of installing and configuring WordPress.

I am also a good photographer and excellent with video and audio editing. I have working experience in both, but of course my real passion is in web development and design.

My enthusiasm and hard work is the backbone to my career and how I work. I have spent many sleepless nights staying awake working on new ideas, concepts, or projects.  (“I won’t sleep, if I don’t get it, or I don’t get it done”).

I am an open minded individual who is eager to know new ideas, concepts. When not at work, I’m home studying, experimenting, and working to advance my knowledge and skills. As I stated before I am an enthusiastic hard worker. Web development is my life.
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