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My name is Steve Bridger and I am interested in part time, freelance graphic design work.

I am proficient in the usual Adobe software, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. I am also an artist / illustrator so use traditional methods such as pencils and paints when required.

I use WordPress to create websites for clients too, adapting them with with custom CSS and extra html where necessary.

I also use Word, Powerpoint and Excel when required but wouldn’t claim to be an expert in those. However, I am quick to learn and happy to work with new software and systems.

For the last 15 months I have been working on a freelance basis for Ince & Co, a large International Lawyers in London, designing all their printed material and electronic publications such as briefs, brochures, bulletins, pitches, capability statements, leaflets, posters, invitations, team profiles, website banners and promotional items etc.

I mostly worked from home (on a Mac) but would visit their offices as and when required (then using a PC). This was contracted for 2 days per week but was flexible to fit in with their in house designer.

This was very much a corporate environment so accuracy and attention to detail were key. However there was also scope to be creative with the more one-off projects, especially around marketing and promotional campaigns. The amount of work was extremely high as I was dealing with their offices in 13 countries (with some material in Chinese, French and German just to keep things interesting).