Getting Paid, Fees and Taxes

We like to keep things simple, and our fees are no exception:

For Buyers

  1. Buyers purchasing Services will not pay any fees, including card fees.
  2. Your payment for each transaction is held until you have signed off and submitted feedback for the job, only at this point is it paid to the seller.

For Experts

  1. We charge a 10% commission on all Services sold.
  2. There are no hidden extras, no scale of charges – just a flat fee of 10% across all Services.
  3. Your payment for each job will be made available when the buyer has signed off and submitted feedback for the job.
  4. There is a transaction fee for payments of commissions out to sellers as follows:
    1. Paypal: 5% of total commission value
    2. Bank transfer: £15 per transfer, to any country

VAT & Other Taxes

Kodie acts as an agent providing a platform for sellers to offer their services to buyers. For this we charge a fee on all transactions and, depending where the seller is based, this fee may be subject to VAT, which will be deducted from payments made out to sellers.

If you are a seller based in the UK VAT will be deducted from your commission payments unless you have provided a valid VAT number.

If you have any questions about fees or taxes please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Getting Paid

When a buyer purchases a service from a seller they will make payment in full, this payment is then retained by us until the work is completed. Once the buyer has signed off and left feedback for the seller, this payment is released.

We process payments to freelancers once a day on each business day in the UK. If you have a payment that has been released, and you have added all the correct information to the Payments area of your account settings (My Kodie > View/Edit Profile > Edit > Payments) then your payment will be processed.

We offer Paypal, Payoneer and bank transfer as payment methods, you will need to select your preferred method and add all the relevant details in order to receive payments.

Please note that due to the charges imposed by these payment providers, a fee is associated with each payment method – these can be viewed in your account settings and are subject to change.
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