Custom Software Development

$20 / hour

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Work Technologies provides Custom software development on two platforms.

– Opensource (PHP, Python, ROR CaePHP, Codeigniter etc.)
– .NET

How can custom software help scale your company?

– Increased productivity.: An integrated platform can yield major efficiency gains since all the data is one place and users do not have to switch between different websites as part of their workflow

– Competitive advantage: By designing your own technology that is ideally suited for your specific business operations, you can garner a competitive advantage relative to your competitors.

– Faster reaction time: As your business needs change and as your industry evolves, being able to quickly shift technology strategies can mean the difference between market dominance and obsolesces.

Quality assurance

Reliable quality assurance is a vital part of the execution policy. Work Technologies has a highly specialized and well-equipped self-governing QA department that maintains software quality assurance and audit.


Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development

$20 / hour
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