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I am a dedicated and consistent employee with experience in a variety of roles. I have worked as an individual as well as in managerial positions, and am comfortable with being part of a team or working on my own. In order to achieve the best results I feel as if it is important to expand, develop and hone one’s abilities so that clients from a range of different sectors can benefit from informative and concise content, articles, blog posts and press releases.

I consider myself to be very capable in many professional situations and I feel that my employment history reflects this. Learning new skills is important to me as this allows for growth and progression and ensures that I get the most out of an occupation and am constantly pushed to achieve my best.

Ultimately, I enjoy working in a relaxed but professional atmosphere, and feel I perform best when allowed to use my initiative to carry out daily tasks. I liaise competently and confidently with senior figures and will always make sure that I communicate effectively with others in order to drive business forward.

I would like to work for a company where my ongoing professional development is catered for and where there are opportunities for me to progress in my career. Content, proofreading and editing are just some of my strengths and I enjoy working independently as well as collaborating with others. I thrive and flourish when faced with fresh challenges and pride myself on my pragmatic attitude and personable, friendly demeanour.

I have several years’ experience working to very specific briefs and to tight deadlines in a client-led environment. Maintaining a focused, practical-minded approach to even the most complex of duties comes easily to me and I feel that I would be a worthy asset to an organisation that is looking for someone capable, consistent and client-focused.

Freelance Copywriter
Freelance Copywriter
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