Labels Design & Production

$33 / hour

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Why Label is important?

It is important because the label is always the first place to look once the product is recognize…

If closeness is not established between the quality of the label and the quality of the product, you may have created a reason to question the quality of the product without being aware.

In order to eliminate this possibility, it is important to realize that the label is actually the accessory of the product you use… Such that, the name of your brand is placed on this accesory clearly. Therefore, the label with your brand name shall be proportional to the quality of your products… Also THERE IS NO MINIMUM in our label production. We design and production;

  • Hangtags / Swing Tags
  • Woven Labels / Brand Labels
  • Printed Fabric Labels
  • Leather & Accessories Label
  • Care Labels
  • Metal & Accessories Labels
  • Natural & Polyester Buttons
  • Branded Fasteners & Tag Locks
  • Self-Adhesive Barcode Labels
Labels Design & Production
Labels Design & Production

$33 / hour
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