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$40 / hour

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WordPress is a powerful tool and the best CMS out there. Web Reflections can create bespoke designs to tailor your businesses identity. Best used for small or large ecommerce websites.


No matter what business you have your design will be fully bespoke with custom HTML/CSS. The true key to be completely unique and standing out from your competitors.


Without a doubt, responsive design is a must if your going to be online. Web Reflections doesn’t charge any additional fee. Web Reflections believes websites should be responsive to all devices as standard.


Images are cool, but you can really impress your audience with a video header. A true unique way to defining your identity. Web Reflections can create cinemagraphs and edit videos for your website or Facebook page.


With all the technical jargon, animation, wizzes and pops, the ultimate goal is to ensure your target audience can use your website. If your website looks awesome but your users have no idea what or where to go, then it’s a complete waste of time and money.

Web Design
Web Design
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