Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions

We are Kodie Ltd (“Kodie”), Company #11325008, registered in England & Wales. Use of this website and/or any affiliated mobile app indicates your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and your agreement to abide by them.

1. Definitions

The following definitions are used in these terms and conditions:

  1. ‘Terms of Service’ – this document
  2. ‘Buyer’ – any Kodie member who is purchasing Services from another Kodie member;
  3. ‘Seller’ – any Kodie member who is providing Services to another Kodie member in exchange for payment;
  4. ‘Platform’ – the Kodie website, including any subsidiaries and affiliated sites or mobile apps;
  5. ‘Service’ – any service provided by a Seller to a Buyer via the Kodie Platform;
  6. ‘Price’ – the cost of a Service, in US dollars ($);
  7. ‘Price Unit’ – the unit of pricing applied to a Service (e.g. per hour, per day, fixed cost)
  8. ‘Project’ – any project;
  9. ‘User’ – any user of the Kodie Platform;
  10. ‘Work’ – any work undertaken by a Seller in return for payment, including but not limited to the provision of Services and the completion of Projects;
  11. ‘Fee’ – any amount charged by Kodie in relation to a User’s use of the Platform;

2. Introduction

Kodie provides a Platform on which Sellers can provide their Services to Buyers. Kodie charges a Fee for the provision of this Platform.

  • Sellers may make one or more Services available for purchase by Sellers, provision of these services is the sole responsibility of the Seller and Kodie will not be held in any way liable for any loss or costs incurred in respect of these Services.
  • There is no limit to how many Services a Seller may list, but each listing must be unique and must include:
    • a relevant image (not a picture of the seller);
    • a description of the service you are offering, including any information Buyers may find useful when decided whether or not to make a purchase;
    • a Price and Price Unit;
    • contact details are not permitted in Service listings and will be removed;
  • Prior to the provision of a Service the Buyer and Seller must agree terms by communicating via the Platform’s messaging tools.
  • The exchanging of contact details between Buyers and Sellers is strictly forbidden other than where essential for the completion of any Work undertaken.
  • To undertake a Project, a Seller must have listed a suitable Service for the Buyer to purchase; this may be purchased in multiples to make up the agreed total cost of the Project. For example, a Seller may have agreed to undertake a Project which will required 30 hours of WordPress development for a total cost of $300, this Seller could create a Service listing for WordPress Development at $10 per hour and the Buyer would purchase a quantity of 30.
  • It is acceptable to take payment for Projects in stages, if both parties are in agreement.
  • Once payment has been made, Buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work unless otherwise agreed, and unless otherwise protected by existing copyrights or trademarks.

3. User accounts

  • To access the full Kodie site, Users have to register for an account, provide accurate and complete information, and keep their account information updated. Both Buyers and Sellers undergo the same account registration process.
  • Each account must be a personal account, but Users may trade as a sole trader, company or any other legal entity (whether incorporated or unincorporated).
  • Users may register more than one account if required, for example to separate Buyer and Seller activity.
  • Accounts created in false names or using false locations are not permitted; any account that features false information of any kind will be removed.
  • Kodie reserves the right to restrict your access, temporarily or indefinitely block your account, stop any Work you have in progress, warn other Buyers and Sellers of your actions or issue you a warning if:
    • you breach the letter or spirit of these terms and conditions or the referenced policies;
    • we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us;
    • we believe that your actions may cause any loss or liability to our Users or to us
  • Users are solely responsible for any activity that occurs on their account, unless it is a result of actions beyond their control (such as hacking or if someone steals their password when they have taken reasonable steps to keep it secure). Users may never use another person’s user account or registration information for the Platform.

You confirm that you are not economically barred/limited under sanctions rules of any country worldwide. If your circumstances change to be included in such lists, please cease using Kodie immediately.

As per UK AML regulation, Kodie is unable to support users from North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Sudan (Republic of Sudan or North Sudan), South Sudan (Republic of South Sudan) and Region of Crimea.

Protection for Buyers & Sellers

Buyers make payment in advance to Kodie when ordering a Service from a Seller, whether this be in relation to a Project or not.

Kodie holds this payment until such time as the Buyer and Seller agree that the project has been delivered in accordance with Kodie’s Terms of Service and also in accordance with the agreement reached between the Buyer and Seller prior to commencement of provision of the Service.

In the case of any dispute between Buyer and Seller, Kodie will act as mediator and work with both parties to achieve a resolution. Any funds relating to the Service will be held until such a resolution is reached.


All Sellers on Kodie must strive to deliver a high standard of work, appropriately meeting their Buyer’s needs. Specifically, Sellers must ensure that all deliverables are:

  • error free;
  • fully address each of the Buyer’s defined requirements;
  • a complete set of deliverables as defined in the Service description or as previously agreed between Buyer and Seller;
  • of a standard consistent with the level of expertise indicated in the Seller’s profile and proposals.

4. Payments

  • Payments to Sellers are made automatically, there is no facility to ‘request a withdrawal’
  • Payments are processed once a day, on business days (in the UK), the time of day at which these payments are processed may vary.
  • In order to receive a payment you must have saved all the required details in your account settings, including your preferred payment method and any details associated with it; if these details are missing from your account at the time the payments are processed you will not receive a payment.
  • Kodie offers Sellers payment via Paypal, Payoneer or bank transfer; there are fees associated with each of these payment methods, which can be viewed in the appropriate section of your Kodie account.

5. Leaving Feedback

  • When the Job is completed the Seller will be asked to provide both qualitative feedback and a rating from 1-5 for the Buyer; this rating will appear on the Service listing as a star rating.
  • At present feedback is not visible on the Platform, but may be used internally and may be made visible in the future.
  • Feedback comments that are considered defamatory, abusive or offensive will be reviewed and may be removed at our discretion.

6. Cancellations and refunds

Kodie urges Buyers and Sellers to make every reasonable attempt to resolve any issues but we also understand that sometimes things go wrong. We offer a mediation service in the event of any dispute and will work with both parties to achieve a resolution. However, a refund may be issued in the following circumstances:

  • Failure by the Seller to fulfil the agreement;
  • Any situation in which foul-play or any other breach of Kodie’s Terms of Service has been identified on the part of either the Buyer or Seller;
  • Any other situation in which mediation by Kodie establishes that a refund is appropriate.

7. Fees & Charges

  • These can be found here

8. Governing Law

These terms and conditions and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales. The courts of England and Wales shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with these terms and conditions or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).

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